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How to Build A Resume


A resume gives you the opportunity to present your skills and personality to the company before you
are selected for an interview.

Employability training aims to make a person employable. This primarily includes building the right
skills and attitude for getting, staying and growing in a job. Core Employability Training which
focuses on skills and attitude required for a person to be successful in a job – these are qualities
common across job roles and sectors.

How to build a resume course is part of Module 2: Developing Job Skills in the Core Employability
Framework to become employable.

Learning Objectives
• Learn how to write a good resume
• Learn from mistakes made by people in a resume
• Learn the impact (good and bad result) of your resume in your job interview
• Understand more about yourself while preparing your resume
• Learn how to mention about your disability in the resume
• Learn from resources – Resume Checklist, Resume Template, Questions about Disability, Background Verification Checklist